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How do I post to the TUG bulletin board?

If you are viewing existing messages and want to reply, simply click on the "Post Reply" button at the top left or bottom left of the thread. Then compose your message and click on "Submit Reply".

To start your own thread, start at the list of topics for the forum that best fits the subject of your message. Click on "New Thread" at the top left or bottom left of the list of topics. Then compose your message, including a descriptive title. Then click on "Submit New Thread".

How do I change my email address?

Your email address is stored in your profile. Edit your profile here.

When you change the email address in your bbs profile, the bbs deactivates your account and sends a new activation email to the new email address, similar to what you received when you first registered. You will need to follow the directions in this email to re-activate the account, so be doubly sure you enter a valid email address from which you can retrieve your email. These precautions are to assure you have a valid email address listed, otherwise any emails the bbs would send you (notifications of private messages, notifications of posts in subscribed threads, etc.) won't work.

The activation email goes out immediately and normally you should receive it in a minute or two. Should you go an hour or more, please see this thread on the bbs.

Should you need to change your email address again before successfully reactivating your account, just log in with your normal bbs username and bbs password and edit your profile one more time.

General Questions

Why does the bbs show me as a Guest instead of TUG Member?
In order to be shown as a TUG Member in their posts, TUG Members must have the current BBS Member Code entered in their bbs profiles. Be sure to visit your profile and enter the new BBS Member Code each time the code is updated.

For a more detailed explanation, see this thread on the bbs.

Edit your profile here.

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