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Makai Guy April 10, 2005 03:47 PM

TUG MEMBERS: Entering the BBS Member Code in your bbs profile
This post applies to the following situations:
  • You are a TUG member, but are being shown on the bbs as Guest
  • You are a TUG member, but you cannot see or access the Sightings/Distressed forum
  • You are a TUG member, and you need to update the BBS Member Code in your bbs profile.

[First sanity check: TUG Members - in order to see the Sightings/Distressed forum, you must be logged in to the BBS (this is not the same thing as logging into the Members Only sections of the TUG website). If you ARE logged in to the BBS and can't see the Sightings/Distressed forum and/or are shown as 'Guest', then read on...]

First - Obtain the BBS Member Code

In order to have TUG Member privileges here on the bulletin board, you must first have joined TUG.
Note that if you paid your membership fee via Paypal, this is the one online payment option that must be processed manually at TUG's end, so your membership does not go into effect instantly. You will be sent an email when your submission has been processed.

Registering as a user of the TUG BBS is NOT the same thing as joining TUG. The bulletin board is only one of the services provided by TUG, and you may register as a BBS user without joining TUG. Likewise, joining TUG does not automatically register you as a user of the BBS -- you must do this yourself.
As a TUG Member, you must obtain your BBS Member Code from the Member Login system.
  • Log into your TUG Member account, using the Username and Password you have established for the Member Login system, here: Member Sign-in Page. You'll see a form that looks like this:
  • When successfully logged in, you will be shown this page:

  • Click on the "My TUG/Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page.

  • You will be shown your BBS MEMBER CODE in the dropdown menu, directly above the horizontal dividing line:

    In the illustration above the BBS Member Code is represented by codeword. [In some browsers, this data may wrap to a second line instead of being shown on one common line as above.] Your BBS Member Code is a WORD in lower case letters, not a numerical code. There are no clickable links in this part of the pulldown menu.

    Note that the BBS Member Code is case-specific (i.e. must be in the exact combination of upper and lower case letters as shown) and does NOT include blank spaces at either end.
Second - Establish your TUG Member Status on the BBS

The BBS runs on self-contained commercial bulletin board software, and has no access to TUG membership records. The only way for the BBS to recognize you as a TUG Member is for you to enter the BBS Member Code obtained above into the TUG BBS Member Code (optional) field of your BBS profile:
  • While you are logged in to the BBS, click this link to open your profile options in a separate browser window, where you should be able to scroll down and see the screen illustrated below. You can then can switch back and forth between windows to follow the rest of these instructions.

  • Insert the BBS Member Code into the last field.
    The BBS Member Code is case sensitive. In order to be recognized it must be entered in the exact combination of upper and lower case letters as it is provided.

    Do NOT enter your TUG MEMBER LOGIN PASSWORD here!

    Do NOT enter your BBS PASSWORD here!

    The ONLY thing the bbs will recognize here is the BBS Member Code obtained by logging into your TUG Member account as indicated above.

    THE MOST COMMON ERROR affecting this issue is entering your Member Login password into your bbs profile, where you should be entering the BBS Member Code.
  • Click the "Save Changes" button.
  • Log off the BBS (the change won't take effect until your next login).
  • Log back on.
... and that's all there is to it.

TUG Member status is currently used for three things on the BBS:
  • Your TUG Member status is displayed in the "Welcome" box at the top right corner of the BBS page after you have logged in, and in the author section of your BBS posted messages. If these areas identify you as Guest rather than TUG Member, then you do not have the current BBS Member Code stored in your BBS profile. Your status on existing messages will automatically be updated when you enter the correct code in your profile and log back into the board.
  • Identified TUG Members are automatically granted access to the private Sightings/Distressed forum.
  • Identified TUG members may upload custom avatars and file attachments.
In the future, when the BBS Member Code is updated, you will need to update this field in your profile for the BBS to continue to recognize you as a TUG Member.

While you're in your profile, if you wish to display the resorts you own, you can enter them in the appropriate field.

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