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Question theo-question...

Originally Posted by theo View Post
A few months ago, I gave away (to a TUG member) a Wyndham fixed winter week in FL which had also been converted (by a previous owner, not by me) to 182k points, thereby allowing use of either the underlying deeded fixed week / unit (when reserved under ARP), or credit pooling the associated points before the "use year" to use them elsewhere (I did both at one time or another).

I paid next to nothing for the ownership in the first place, so giving it away was no particular act of benevolence on my part. I also greatly disliked Pompano Beach, where the home resort was located. Overall I was frankly glad to rid myself of that particular ownership and the recipient was happy to get the points.
Just confirmed a week at Wyndham Santa Barbara for March -- it concerned me by your statement 'greatly disliked Pompano Beach' -- may I ask why?
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