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Lightbulb thank you

Originally Posted by theo View Post
To each his / her own, of course but I found Pompano Beach to be an old and very tired city, long past its' prime days of yesteryear and seemingly devoid of any perceiveable "soul". Reminded me of Atlantic City, NJ
--- but without casinos. I readily and openly acknowledge that this is just my own personal opinion.

Being harassed day and night to attend "a presentation", and then having my nice Citizen's watch stolen right out of my timeshare unit during a very specific 30 minute absence also frankly did very little to improve my perspective. A bunch of teenage hoodlums jumping the fence to use the pool in the middle of the night one night (some fully clothed, some half-clothed, some naked) and making a very loud ruckus while doing so --- until the police finally arrived --- also did not exactly endear the place to me. Fwiw, this particular Wyndham resort was Sea Gardens (Key West building), not Santa Barbara. The Sea Gardens property itself is very nice, as are the units in the Key West building. Pompano Beach overall, however --- not so much...

To me, the primary only redeeming value of Pompano Beach was the fact that it's just a short drive south to Fort Lauderdale, which seemed (to me, anyhow) to have a very different "vibe" and a lot more going for it.

Just my own personal experience and personal opinion. YMMV.
Appreciate your input. We haven't been to that side of Florida and saw a March week so grabbed it. Hopefully we will sign up for different tours, etc. and enjoy our week.
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