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Originally Posted by T_R_Oglodyte View Post
Are you saying that IOS 5 can't transmit a simple 40-character URL to an Apache server?
I'm not saying anything and have no idea what iOS 5 can't do. When I click the 'new posts' button, I get a box that says 'There are no new posts since your last visit' or words to that effect.

I haven't found a workaround, and apparently Apple hasn't either. It worked fine until the iOS 5 upgrade, and the latest 'bug fix' didn't.

It is a minor agrevation to click to renew the whole page, then scroll past the stickies to see what's new. Probably keeps me from replying to threads I only have passing interest in- like some of the various mini systems and areas where I have no knowledge. Probably to everyone's benefit.

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