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Madge -

This is not a new issue with the Mayan Resorts. I've been invoved at TUG since 1999, and through that time there have been repeated reports by exchangers into Mayan resorts being downgraded to other resorts. Before the Grand Mayan resorts were built, exchangers into Mayan Palace were often shunted to Sea Gardens resorts.

The only difference right now may be that the Mayan is doing this to a larger number of exchangers. RCI let them get away with routinely bumping exchangers in the past, and now Mayan resorts appears to have made this a routine practice. RCI, instead of clamping down on them, instead makes them part of the upmarket Regstry Collection.

I know that in the past RCI has disaffiliated resorts that don't meet RCI's operating standards. It doesn't seem to me that's too likely to occur here, especially since RCI included them in the Registry Collection.

So I guess the question is is there anything that RCI is willing to do to police this type of activity by a member resort such as the Mayan?
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