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II Says Its OK to Rent an Exchange !?!

I was looking at a rental ad of a timeshare week in which the seller expicitly stated the week being sold was from an II exchange. I notified the seller that this was against II policy and that there was a risk II could cancel the week. Here is his reply:

Hi XXXXXX, I just got off the phone with XXXXX, a supervisor in the customer relations department at II. He was extremely helpful, and appreciative of my phone call and awareness/concern over the rules (and of course, I deferred the credit...saying that someone else had pointed this out to me). In any event, Jason said they would likely revoke guest certificates and cancel II memberships for those individuals that buy Getaway weeks and then resell them (which I can understand). He said they also frown on those that frequently sell there exchanged weeks, but he said that it is permissible, as the exchanged weeks are the property of the owner that deposited the week from his/her home resort. He did say, as I alluded to earlier, that if someone is exhanging several weeks from many different resorts and then selling these weeks, that they would take exception and not allow this (which is not us). I have Jason's contact info. if you want to confirm...or call me XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thanks.

I haven't followed up with a call to II yet, but this is entirely different from what from what I have read here on tug. What do others think?
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