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There is a 2-for-1 code, that works for some SW timeshares when you open a 2nd Acct. or extend your current Acct. This is not for the corporate SW Acct. that you automatically get with a mandatory resort. You are already paying for a corporate Acct. with your yearly MF's.

Basic Renewal:
1 year - $89.00
2 year - $178.00
3 year - $227.00
5 year - $356.00

Gold Renewal:
1 year - $143.00
2 year - $286.00
3 year - $366.00
5 year - $572.00

Exchange Fees (As of 7/1/10):
Made over the Phone-
Domestic - $159
International - $174

Made Online-
Domestic - $139
International - $154

(You get a $20 discount when you do a Starwood to Starwood exchange.)

*Although an increase in rates were published by II and Starwood some mos. ago, the increase hasn't been implemented as of 4/14/2011, and Starwood to Starwood trades are still $104, after the discount.

Guest Certificates - $49

How to open a new II Acct. for a Non-SVN week - (a Starwood resale from a voluntary resort.)

This 2-for-1 code was reported to be working on 4/14/11 - 2FORX11

This 2-for-1 code was reported to be working on 6/25/10 - 93207

Previous code - 93341 - *working 12/12/10
*Did not work online on 12/18/10 - but worked when requested over phone.

10/20/11 - 2-for-1 code for NEW II Accounts - 93535NM ($89 for 2 years)

STEP 1 - Opening an Account & Registering your timeshare(s)

1) Go to their webpage: http://www.intervalworld.com

2) Click on Create Password or join today (on the right)

3) Click on Join Today

4) Fill in the boxes (skip Enter Your ID) - click continue

5) On the next page fill in all your resort information. - click continue

6) Fill in all your contact info. - click continue (for phone number, leave the first box empty - it's the country code) - click return

7) Complete the Web Profile Info. - click continue

8) On the next page enter the source code and click apply.

9) If the code works, then a new price list will pop up with the 2-for-1 option - select it and click continue to pay with a credit card.

Step 2 - Depositing and Exchanging

1. Once your account is open your unit should appear in your online account within a few days.

*IMPORTANT - This is where a lot of people get confused. You MUST do the next step to deposit your timeshare every year if you wish to deposit it - REGISTERING your week with II and DEPOSITING your week with II are two different steps. Just because you see the timeshare in your online account does NOT mean it is deposited - it only means it is REGISTERED.

2. DEPOSITING - Once the unit is visible in your online Acct., you must call Starwood Owner Services at (888) 986-9637, to designate it for trading. You can no longer do this on the Interval website, unless you own a true fixed week. If you try to make a trade without calling, it may appear to go through, but it may eventually get hung up. *You can also "designate your week for exchange" online at www.mystarcentral.com - I prefer to deposit online, because Starwood sends you a detailed receipt of your deposit.

Here is the path for depositing on www.mystarcentral.com: Sign in > using your ownership > click on the resort name > request a reservation > request your vacation now > request an exchange > answer the questions

*Here is another confusing part about the II/Starwood system - Note that you will NOT see the deposit in your Acct. - In fact your account won't show any indication that you've made a deposit. All you will EVER see is a place holder with this year's date on it. Even when you deposit the next year - the place holder will still have the current year's date on it, so it is important to keep records of your deposits and exchanges, and copies of the emails, because you can't track deposits in your online Acct.

3. Within a few days your timeshare should be ready to trade. At that point you can either:
a. Put in an ongoing request - II will start looking for the exchange for you and will automatically reserve it for you. You must pay the exchange fee to put in the request. If you don't get your request and cancel, they will refund in full. You must request at least 3 different resorts or dates.

***If you need a specific check-in day, you must call II after putting in your ongoing-request online and specify the day of the week. Otherwise, your on-going request automatically defaults to Thursday no matter what day you request, so your check-in day could be Thurs., Fri., Sat., or Sun. The Rep. can change it in the system for you, but the request will not show in your online II Acct.

b. Search the online inventory and reserve anything that is available.
Savvy traders often put in an on-going request AND watch the online inventory, because ongoing requests are filled BEFORE any inventory goes online, so the prime weeks are usually snagged by ongoing requests. The online inventory is what's leftover. However, sometimes something slips through, so it's a good idea to use both search methods. If you see an instant online exchange you want you can make it with the same deposit, your prepaid exchange fee will be used, and your on-going request will be cancelled - automatically.

Tips for putting in your exchange request

The most successful strategy for a II exchange includes:
1) Put in an on-going request as early as possible (12 or more mos. out) so it's in place BEFORE the deposits are made, and ahead of other exchangers.

2) To request a 2 bdm. - you must deposit a 2 bdm.

4) You have priority for trades into other Starwood resorts - before non-Starwood owner.

5) Request a wide-range of weeks.

6) Request as many resorts as possible

7) Even though the online inventory is the leftovers, sometimes gems pop up, so it's worthwhile to keep checking it, even when you have an on-going request in place. If you see something you want, you can still grab it online, which will automatically cancel your on-going request.

Strategies that will decrease your chances of getting a trade:

1) Only requesting school holidays
2) Only requesting one specific week
3) Only requesting the very top resort in an area (which you may not have the trading power for)
4) Not requesting Starwood resorts
More info. about the new II trading rules- FAQ - the new II/ Starwood trading rules

Updates -

Trial and error with the new system has shown that best practice is to put in an on-going request with all deposits, even if your intention is to search online. Instant online exchanges seem to go through easier if the deposit you use has an on-going request in place already. If you ONLY want to search online, then put in a "dummy" on-going request (one that will be impossible to fill.) Suggestions for "dummy" requests would be WSJ, Harborside, and WKORV for Christmas or New Years week.

If you cancel your on-going request and plan to use or rent your week yourself, you will have to call Starwood Owner Resources and ask them to put the week back in your Starwood Acct. If you don't call Starwood - they won't know that you canceled your request with II and you won't get your deposit back. Starwood seems to be confused about this process, since it's new.
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