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Point System Discussions RCI Points are discussed here as well as other point based systems which are not covered in their specific forums (see Marriott, Wyndham, Hilton, and All Other Timeshare Systems forums).

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Old April 23, 2012, 11:35 AM   #1
BBS Reg. Date: Apr 23, 12
Location: New York
Posts: 2
Question Newbie with lots o' questions!

I've now begun researching TS other than DVC. I finally found some info that says I need 118,500 RCI points for 2 bdrm at most DVC resorts for week 52. We will always need a 2bdrm or larger, we will almost always vacation right after Christmas and want to go to WDW. We may occasionally want to take small weekend trips to somewhere within a days drive from central NY, or to go visit family in other parts of the country. I know this will take a lot of points no matter what TS company we go with, but I can't find anywhere that will tell me how the individual TS companies convert to RCI points so I can figure out how much we would need. Does this makes sense? Also, I talked to a person at a timeshare resale store & they said exchanging into Disney is virtually impossible. I don't know if this was because he would make a better commission on DVC, or if because it's true. Any advice would be spectacular! TIA!
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Old April 23, 2012, 11:55 AM   #2
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BBS Reg. Date: Jun 6, 05
Location: Northern, NV
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Resorts: Starwood-WKORV, SDO, & SVR, Roark Vacation Club, Kingsbury Crossing, 3 X Kauai Beach Villas, Edinburg Residence
Getting an exchange for New Year's week will be nearly impossible. When you make an exchange, you aren't just making a reservation - someone actually has to deposit the week you need, and for the most part, holiday weeks are used by owners, or rented for big bucks. Off-season is more doable.
Aloha! DeniseM
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Old April 23, 2012, 12:08 PM   #3
Passepartout's Avatar
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BBS Reg. Date: Feb 10, 07
Location: Twin Falls, Eye-Duh-Hoe
Posts: 10,965
While we are the world's biggest proponent of buying resale, there are times when the only choice is buying from the developer. If you HAVE to be in a certain resort at a certain week- or even season, that's one. Exchanging under any circumstances is fraught with 'if's'. If no one deposits a week, you aren't getting one. If your deposit is a lowly inland, 2 star, remodeled motel, independent timeshare, you aren't going to exchange into DVC anytime. Ever.

Otoh, if you are flexible. Can travel on shoulder or off-season, don't need big (2 or 3 bedroom) units. Are not tied to 5 star accommodations, and are not pinching pennies and wanting to hold to $600/yr MF, you can make timesharing work well.

Welcome to TUG. Stick around and learn. The education is free. In many cases it will save you thousands. Who knows, maybe someone will see your desired week and be in the mood to unload just what you want. It's happened.

Best wishes.

Masquerading as a responsible adult.
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Old April 23, 2012, 04:13 PM   #4
TUG Member
BBS Reg. Date: Jan 19, 08
Location: seabeck, wa
Posts: 135
I would just add to what everyone else is saying. If you want a high-demand week, you need to buy DVC points in that particular resort. You can either buy from Disney (if available) or on resale, but you must have points in the resort of your choice. With DVC you can reserve up to 11 months in advance in your resort, 7 months in the other DVC resorts. There is almost no chance of getting a 2 BR unit in DVC in a high-demand week through an RCI trade.

I've been watching DVC trades for months on a very regular basis. What you normally see out there is 1BR units in Old Key West or Sarasota Springs. But I have seen 1BRs in all the Florida DVCs at one time or another. But those other than OKW and SSR do not stay available very long. Usually from minutes to a day or two. Once in a while I'll see a 2BR or studio up there, but not very often.
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Old April 23, 2012, 05:35 PM   #5
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BBS Reg. Date: Oct 1, 11
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Posts: 2,834

Resorts: Palace View by Spinnaker, Shell Points
If you HAVE to stay at DVC for week 52, then there is no other way to guarantee it other than purchasing it, either resale or developer. If it is more important to go to WDW as it is staying at DVC, and staying at DVC is great but not a deal-killer, then there will be plenty of high quality, kid friendly, non-DVC resorts to choose from.
I may not know much about anything, but I do know more than most.
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Old April 25, 2012, 10:12 AM   #6
BBS Reg. Date: Apr 23, 12
Location: New York
Posts: 2
Thanks everybody. That's what I figured, but it never hurts to ask. Now I know that DVC won't let you trade in if you have a TS in the Orlando area, but if you have one TS in Orlando & one in CA, can you use the CA one to trade in? Or are you blocked period because you own in Orlando?
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Old April 25, 2012, 10:16 AM   #7
Passepartout's Avatar
TUG Member
BBS Reg. Date: Feb 10, 07
Location: Twin Falls, Eye-Duh-Hoe
Posts: 10,965
Originally Posted by queenbeaz View Post
are you blocked period because you own in Orlando?
That's my understanding.- Though I don't know how they'd know. Surely they can't check every name and exchange company for everyone who wants to exchange into DVC. For instance if one TS is in one spouse's name and one is in another's. Or the RCI account is in a kid's name....

For any system for elimination, I can see a workaround.

Masquerading as a responsible adult.

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Old April 25, 2012, 01:28 PM   #8
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BBS Reg. Date: Jul 3, 05
Location: upstate NY - Rotterdam Jct
Posts: 114

Resorts: DVC, Wyndham MB Cottages
Have you considered Wyndhams Bonnet Creek? It is on Disney grounds or as close as you can get, right next door to the Caribbean beach. We own both DVC and Wyndham and look forward to a lot of fun years with Wyndham and if I can't get into DVC when I want then I have Bonnett Creek to consider. WE have owned DVC since its beginning 1992 but I also know that the DVC has an end date while Wyndham does not. Also finding a lot of other places we want to travel to, now that we are empty nesters, and wyndham is affording us that option. I actually just got a one bedroom at OKW for October, during food and wine, thru Wydham trading thru RCI for a lot less than I would have had to use thru DVC. This made me extremely happy and I am banking my DVC to next year and have a nice big family trip. So if you are set on Disney for that particular week and won't even consider another resort then buy DVC but remember that it will end, it is not a lifetime contract. Get enough points for your week between Christmas and NY but then look at Wyndham maybe as another option, it is a lot cheaper. Good luck

learning the ropes
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Old April 25, 2012, 01:47 PM   #9
presley's Avatar
TUG Member
BBS Reg. Date: Aug 20, 11
Posts: 2,597

Resorts: HGVC, Shell, WM
I'll just echo what the others have said. If you only want DVC for week 52, you have to buy DVC at the resort that you will want to stay at and book it at the 11 month window. Resale or direct will make no difference at all.

The other choice would be to rent from a DVC owner, but again they would have to book it at the 11 month window. Any other booking time is a crapshoot for that season.

10K Worldmark credits = a 2 bedroom any season in RCI. Of course, that won't help you if you need week 52 because it would still be contingent on DVC depositing that week into RCI. Also, chances are that there are a few hundred people who already have an ongoing search for that week in all of the DVC resorts.
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Old May 2, 2012, 07:19 AM   #10
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Location: Connecticut
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With RCI, you can exchange into DVC with your non-Orlando timeshare, I believe with II it is a block on your total account. But why would you purchase in Orlando at another resort, if you want to stay at DVC? And if you own at on of the other superior Orlando resorts, why would spend extra to exchange out of that week, and exchange your non-Orlando week to get into DVC? Build the cost of the extra exchange fees into the equation and it doesn't make much sense.

If you just want to stay at DVC once, rent from a DVC owner. Then you can decide if it is worth the money to own there, or if you would be fine at one of the other resorts. There are advantages to staying onsite, but there are advantage to being offsite too - particularly if you travel with children. I won't say out of sight out of mind, but it's easier with younger kids to not visit the park every day if you're offsite, and you're more likely to see what else the area has to offer as well. It all depends on the type of experience you're looking for.
Melinda Towne
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