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Non-traditional Interval Ownership Discussion of interval ownership programs other than traditional timeshares (fractional ownership, destination clubs, etc.)

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Old December 7, 2014, 07:01 PM   #176
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It looks like war

Not an owner but I think we have stayed here more than fifteen times over the past 7 years.

Checked in yesterday for a 2BR. They spent ALOT of time telling my wife the new rules. Nothing is shared anymore with main (Park Hyatt hotel). No gym,
no pool, no gameroom. They will charge you for parking if you park there so they suggested we use the shuttle if we didn't want to walk. New fences prevent you from meandering into hotel from access road.

New partnerships/discounts for golf and tennis access at La Costa which is a plus.

Villas are great but if I was an owner who bought under the pretense that the hotel and villas were "connected" , I think I might be pretty unhappy.
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Old December 10, 2014, 07:09 AM   #177
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Originally Posted by chalucky View Post
Not an owner but I think we have stayed here more than fifteen times over the past 7 years...........(snip) .....Villas are great but if I was an owner who bought under the pretense that the hotel and villas were "connected" , I think I might be pretty unhappy.
Well for owners you just ripped off the scab on the wound ...ouch ...most of what you say is old history but in true 'Hyatt' style they are becoming even more of a dick-head organization ( things like FS staff parking or Owners golf packages ). This is a process to work thru and will take time. The Four Seasons organization hasty strong for the HOA from day one with many un-noticed items like stand alone phone system when the Hotel was separated.

The upcoming new Restaurant and Spa that is starting in Jan and due for April is another example of how we work thru this.

Sometimes things are what they are ... if OWNERS are still unhappy ... then time to move on. I as an owner look at my weeks with a 5 year plan and there will be a time for me to change ... and sure I miss that hotel . .. but it is what is ... and deal with it.

In the meantime I do what I can to avoid any Hyatt. These guys have been ...well... I gave you the technical term for them above.

It will be interesting to see impact on golf course as a large percentage of the use came from Residence Club members ( new mgmt of course just announced ... ?? ) ... Hyatt seems bent of being mean spirited regardless of what it costs them in the long run. Time will tell.

History will judge the Four Seasons Management as fair and balanced ... what you would expect from Four Seasons as a company. Also the background company ( Broadreach ) who owns the Hotel property is a major part of the 'attitude' as they struggle to be a ....well ...use the same term as Hyatt.


ps-just got back from a week at FS Punta Mita - added some notes in that thread.

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