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TUG Lounge The place for all discussions that don't fit into the other defined forum areas. Posts discussing politics, religion, and controversial social issues that are not directly related to timesharing are not permitted.

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Old February 5, 2010, 06:58 PM   #1
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Location: Chicago, IL
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Donating a timeshare

I have received information from "Trejesto Title Transfers" of an organization that will accept my timeshare as a donation. It will cost $600. The organizations name is "Community Health Training, Inc.

Has anyone heard of either of these organizations and if what they are proposing to do is legitimate. I would hate to waste the money on a scam. Trejesto Title Transfers is informing me that I need to fill out several forms and send them the money. They will hold these fees until the transfer is complete.
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Old February 5, 2010, 07:10 PM   #2
Karen G
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Originally Posted by bill View Post
It will cost $600.
You'd probably come out better by offering it for free here on TUG and offering to pay the closing costs.

You stated: "The organizations name is "Community Health Training, Inc." But, when I looked at the
website for Trejesto, it says they donate to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. They offer closing services
in the $300-$475 range for timeshares that aren't being donated.

Doesn't seem like a very good idea, IMHO.

Last edited by Karen G; February 5, 2010 at 07:15 PM.
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Old February 5, 2010, 08:22 PM   #3
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There are two places on TUG where you can give away your TS's for free (no charge for the Ads.) There are also other low cost options on the web.

TUG Marketplace - the only cost is your TUG membership - $15 (List it for $1 and it will automatically go in the Bargain Basement Ads.)

Bargain Deals - just write a simple post with all the pertinent info. (zero cost)

To make it more attractive I would:
1) Pay 2010 maintenance fees

2) Pay for the title transfer (you can get a simple professional transfer for about $100)
I've used this company and the owner is a Tugger.

3) Reserve a popular holiday week in 2010 for the new owner
Good luck!
DeniseM, TUG Moderator

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*You can contact posters directly, by clicking on their blue user name.
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Old February 5, 2010, 10:51 PM   #4
TUG Member
BBS Reg. Date: Oct 31, 05
Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2
Trjesto indicated that due to the low demand for TS units during these troubled times that Turpentine Creek Wildlife could not accept my TS. They then mentioned the Community Health Training organization. It sounds fishy that is my I am asking if anyone has used these people before.
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Old February 6, 2010, 12:08 AM   #5
Dave M
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Location: Sun City Hilton Head, SC
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Based on info at Guidestar (a database of charitable organizations) and Zillow (a database of addresses), Community Health Training, Inc. appears to be a valid charitable organization. However, the most recent Guidestar update shows it to have assets of only $1 and annual income of less than $10,000. Further, its mailing address is c/o an individual at what appears to be his residential condo in California. There has apparently been no press related to this charity, a discouraging sign.

This doesn't appear to be a thriving charity and, if it doesn't have experience in disposing of timeshares, you'll likely wind up still owning your timeshare but minus $600.

The reason you have received two excellent suggestions from others here is that donating a timeshare is very, very tough to do these days, unless your timeshare is easily saleable. And if it is, you should sell it and be money ahead.
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