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Buying, Selling, Renting Discuss all aspects of buying, selling and renting timeshares here. No advertising allowed!

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Old April 16, 2011, 01:16 AM   #1
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Priority Escrow - the Sierra Rentals and Resales Scam Continues [AKA Priority Escrow]

I'm opening this thread as advice and warning to people who might be googling for information on Priority Escrow Transfer. Priority Escrow appears to be a continuation of the Sierra Rentals and Resales scam.

There is a long thread here at TUG regarding the Sierra Rentals and Resales scam. In brief, Sierra strung a bunch of people along for almost a year with promises of a bulk purchase of 100 units at Velas Vallarta, as well as some other resorts. Sierra required upfront payments from the participants for various purposes (title search, paperwork, taxes, etc.), which was to be reimbursed from sale proceeds. A few months ago Sierra suddenly closed doors and disappeared with the money.


Based on recent posts at complaintsboard.com, an outfit called Priority Escrow and Transfers is now contacting people victims of the Sierra scam, ostensibly on behalf of the buyer that Sierra was supposedly representing. Priority is telling people that the buyer wants to either conclude the sale or cancel the sale so that the money can be gotten out of escrow.

Of course, to make either event happen the seller needs to kick in extra money to pay Mexican government fees that Sierra was supposed to take care of but didn't.

Folks, this is just a continuation of the scam, working the phone list again to get people to kick in yet another round of money. If you're thinking about it, please don't do it.


And based on prior experience, don't be surprised if some brand new poster joins this thread with a story of how they were unsure about this deal, checked it out, and assures readers that it is legitimate. Don't get suckered in by that either. Those people are almost always shills for the scammer, posting a phony line. That's a common occurrence in warning threads such as this.
Steve Nelson

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Old April 16, 2011, 09:51 AM   #2
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They go pretty darn low don't they?
Thanks for posting this
Still learning after all this time......
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Old August 27, 2011, 12:54 PM   #3
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A confirmed scam!

Priority Escrow Services' IP address is which is located in Los Angeles, CA not Boulder, CO as noted on their website. This IP address is owned by Curtis Grant in Puerta Vallarta and is shared with:
5starresortservices.com (so in collusion with the escrow companies)
primosubpv.com (sandwich joint in Puerta Vallarta)

Includes employees using names:
Vivian Scott
Dean Balzer
Jonathan Mays
Robert Diaz

And asking for money to be transferred via Western Union is a sure sign this company is fraudulent.
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