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About TUG BBS The place to discuss this bulletin board, its features, etc. Discussion of all other aspects of TUG should be placed in About the Rest of TUG forum.

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Old March 29, 2006, 09:54 AM   #1
Makai Guy
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[How to] Reset a lost password and/or recover forgotten username

Initial 'sanity check': This page deals with the username and password required to log in to the free BBS only. This page does NOT deal with the password and username used for your TUG Member account (access to Reviews, Ratings, etc.) if you have paid to join TUG.

The bbs software is so protective of your password that it won't even reveal it to the system administrators, so it is not possible for us to send you a reminder of your bbs password.
Quick Hint: If you are a TUG Member, and if you previously have set your Member Login password and your BBS password to the same value, you can retrieve their common current password by retrieving your Member Login password from the Member Login system. Click here.
You can, however, request the bbs to generate a new bbs password for you and send it to the email address currently entered in your bbs profile. (If you can no longer retrieve email from the email address in your bbs profile, see My email is no longer valid.)
  1. To initiate this process, enter the email address listed in your bbs profile here.

  2. The bbs will send you an email with a reminder of your chosen bbs username to that email address of record, plus instructions for having your bbs password reset. Nothing happens until you follow the instructions in this email. This second step prevents people that know your email address from maliciously changing your bbs password without your knowledge, since this email will only go to you, not to them.

  3. The instructions in the email direct you to visit a web address to proceed.
    NOTE: The hyperlink included in this message is only valid for 24 hours, so respond quickly. If you allow this to expire, you must start over again at step 1.
    When you visit this page, the bbs generates a random bbs password for you and sends it to you in a second email. At this point your old bbs password becomes invalid.

  4. When you receive the email with your new bbs password, you may use it to log into the board. This is a final change and does not expire in 24 hours.
Both emails mentioned above will be sent immediately, but the net being what it is, delivery may not be instantaneous. If you don't receive your email within an hour, please see the troubleshooting information in this thread: [How To] Deal with problems receiving email from the bbs

When you have logged in with your new password, you can then reset it to something of your own choosing if you wish via the instructions in this thread: [How to] Change your BBS password via your profile

The procedure above updates only your BBS password. If you are a TUG Member, it does NOT update your Member Login password. If you know your TUG Member password and can log into the TUG Member area, you may change your TUG Member password by going here, logging in if not already logged in, clicking the "My TUG/Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page, then clicking "My Password" in the dropdown menu.

If you are a TUG member, TUG strongly recommends that you set both your Member Login password and your BBS password to the same value so that one set of login data will work for you everywhere on TUG.

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